Escaping the Ordinary

Ivy Gathu
2 min readJul 26, 2019


Exploring Kimende in Kiambu County

(The picture was taken by Nick)

I have joined a circle of drifters, which is a community of adventurers. This Sunday, I attended my first drifting experience, hiking in Kimende, Kiambu County. I did not know that a place I consider to be upcountry had so many hidden gems and scenic views. I was “escaping the ordinary” as the tagline from the drifter’s Twitter header picture; seeking new experiences beyond the club, restaurant and mall scenes.

I underestimated the intensity of hiking, throughout the experience I kept thinking, “Wow! They are people who do this for fun?” because it felt like I was slowly killing myself whenever I went up any hill. However, every time I made it up to the hill, the reward waiting for me on top was worth it, from scenic views to the tea plantations.

Each hill I climbed brought me closer to giving up and made me generate many excuses such as; my shortness limiting my ability to climb hills.

(The picture was taken by Andrew using my phone camera)

Dan the lead organiser for the hike, was not having my excuses and kept pushing us. He also dropped some wisdom, he explained that my inability to climb the hills was all a state of mind issue and had nothing to do with my shortness. I took a while to process what he was telling me, and he was 100 per cent right.

We often discourage ourselves from being able to accomplish simple goals such as hiking up a hill ( it is not easy if you are not fit…lol) because of the stupid excuses we make for ourselves not being capable such as:

“I am too short”

“I am too tall”

“I am too thin”

“I am a woman”

The only hindrance to success is our excuses. I saw a couple of cows on our trail and I told myself “If a cow can climb this hill, who am I not to”.

Special thanks to the drifters and Dan and his mum who hosted us for lunch.

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